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Job van As (1963) lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He works as a freelance director and is represented by several production companies in Europe. His commercials have been short-listed for a Golden Lion Award at the annual Cannes advertising festival. They also have been nominated for the Dutch audience awards (Golden Loekie).

Job brings a lot of experience to the set. He combines a visual approach with a great eye for emotion. He is always looking for genuine, authentic moments. Working in a studio, working on location, with actors, kids or animals: it doesn’t matter. Job is able to capture mouth-watering tabletop food shots in extreme close but he also knows how to portray a blue ocean through helicopter shots and bring out its specific look and feel. He is always there to catch the right emotion, the right light – operating the camera himself at times if he sees an opportunity that can’t wait. He knows how to make us believe in what we’re seeing. The world he shows is aspirational and pretty but at the same time it’s a slice of life. A wonderful life. Job’s commercials put a smile on your face, they touch the audience.



When Job finishes high school, he gets an education at the well-known Amsterdam Theatre school and works as a dancer for the Dutch Opera. It appeals to his sense of creativity and his desire to work in a team. In 1982, Job starts to work in film production. Initially just to make some money but he loves the business so much it begins to take over his career. Job works as a production assistant, as location manager and later on as producer and first A.D. He works as a crewmember for commercials as well as for feature films, e.g. the Academy Award winning features

The Assault’ and ‘Antonia’s Line’. He is fortunate to work with the best in the business. His love for filmmaking grows and he spends almost all his time on the set, grasping every opportunity to keep on learning.


Working on a feature film, Job lands on the beautiful and inspiring islands of the Caribbean. He decides to stay and works as a first A.D. and producer. He produces commercials for international ad agencies and documentaries for National Geographic and Discovery Channel. When Job works with Michael Bay on a commercial for Coca Cola, Michael asks Job why he isn’t directing himself. A good question asked at the right moment in time. Job’s experience has enabled him to fully develop his creativity and he knows Bay is right. Job moves to London. He invests in building a show reel as director and right from the start things take off.

Job is an expert in portraying lifestyle, food, kids and animals. He has directed more than a hundred commercials, both national and international. The enthusiasm he started out with has only grown.


1982 – 1989 Production assistant, location manager, production manager, first A.D. and producer on feature films and commercials.
1990 – 1996 Joins Jay Rainey in Tropical Studios. Works as producer, location manager and first A.D.
1996 Founds production company Caribbean Crews with Louise Standiford.
1999 Moves to London and starts to work as a director.
1999 – 2011 Moves back to Amsterdam and directs commercials on a freelance basis for various European production companies: Movie Ventures (Amsterdam), In case of fire (Amsterdam), Marken Film (Hamburg-Berlin), Twin Film (Munich), Satellite My Love (Paris). And since late 2010: Gypsy (New York).